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Connecting point is a four-week gathering hosted by our Lead Pastor on Wednesday nights at 7PM to help you connect with God, connect with people, discover your purpose and make a difference.

Week 1 - In week 1 we explore Jesus’ mission and our purpose that puts us on a track for growth as well as the things that FAM Church values and how the church is structured.


Week 2 - In week two we look at five habits that are essential to our spiritual growth and becoming all that Jesus wants us to become.


Week 3 - Week three is what we call ownership and it’s were we give you the inside scoop about FAM Church so that if you feel like you belong here and want to make that step of becoming an owner (it’s what we call members because membership has it’s privileges but ownership has it’s responsibilities) you can. It is not a requirement that you become an owner if you go through session 3 and even if you never plan on becoming an owner there is invaluable information during this session.


Week 4 - Then in the final week we look at our personality, gifting, and passion to see what God has uniquely designed us for so that we can live out his purposes in our life. 


Connecting Point is designed so that you can jump in at any time so you don’t have to wait until we get to week one, you can start week three and then do week four, week one, and finally week two. Start your spiritual growth today and commit to being a part of Connecting Point Wednesday night!

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