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The Mission of FAM Church

Connecting people to Christ...

FAM Church Purposes

To live like Christ to others and to live a life of ministry to those inside and outside of the church.
(1 John 2:6)
To love Jesus by centering our live in Him and to love others as Jesus has loved us.
(Acts 2:46-47)
To learn by continually growing towards maturity in christ.
(2Peter 1:8)

FAM Church Core Values

Prayer is the foundation to everything we, as the church, do
The Word of God determines truth in life and is why we do what we do
We love and serve people in real and authentic ways
We value faith and risk because we believe the reward is worth the risk
We tell people what Jesus has done for us
We know that God does everything with excellence and so do we
We value family ministries from the youngest to the oldest
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